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Yoga Three60 | Yoga in Cardiff


About Yoga Three60

Lucy Clementson-Mills

Hi and a warm welcome to
Yoga Three60.

Yoga Three60 was created with a mission of making yoga more accessible and connecting people. To bring communities together who have a mutual interest in yoga, health and wellbeing...

I provide down to earth yoga classes and wellbeing services throughout South Wales and hope to share my love of yoga and wellness with everyone I meet.

I look forward to hopefully meeting you soon whether at a group yoga class, a private yoga session or a workshop or retreat.

With loving kindness always,


About Lucy Clementson-Mills

Lucy is a qualified Rishiculture Ashtanga Yoga teacher, performance coach and HR consultant. 

Lucy completed her Yoga Teacher Training with Yogacharini Kalavathi Devi at Om Studio, Cardiff. Kalavathi is a Senior teacher from the Gitananda Yoga Paramparai and offers this course in conjunction with Swami Gitananda’s ashram in India. 

This 13 month course teaches Asanas, Pranayama, Kriyas and Mudras. It incorporates Sanskrit, yoga philosophy, anatomy and physiology as well as diet and nutrition. It focuses on how Yoga is a way of life where you continuously learn to live in the best way that you can and create an environment where you can grow. Knowing that when we can realise this we can then support others to better themselves whether it is just to keep themselves fit and healthy or whether they want to grow consciously too. 

Lucy brings a vast amount of experience and holds qualifications in different areas of yoga and wellness as well, including:

  • Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training with Om Studio
  • Baby Yoga Teacher Training with Birthlight
  • Foundation Ayurveda Course with Gaia Lifestyle
  • Mental Health Awareness Course

Having practiced yoga for nearly 20 years Lucy loves sharing her passion for yoga through her general classes, in private sessions and in corporate environments. 

Previously an HR Director in the private sector for over 10 years Lucy combines her corporate background with her coaching and yoga experience to help people look after their overall wellbeing. To not fall victim to modern day pressures of burnout, stress and overwhelm and to find balance in everyday living.

Lucy’s work has one common goal – to help people feel empowered to look after their mental, emotional and physical health and wellness.




About Rishiculture Ashtanga Yoga

Rishiculture Ashtanga Yoga is a teaching that has a very distinguished lineage and it is a teaching that has been handed down from Guru to Chela (student) for centuries.

The teaching offers a step by step approach to developing an authentic Yoga practice (Sadhana), following the steps as laid down by Maharishi Patanjali in his Yoga Sutras.

A moral and ethical foundation is nurtured through the Yama and Niyama; Asanas (Body Postures); Kriyas (Systematic Movements); Pranayamas (Breath Energy Controls); Mudras (Gestures) and Relaxation and Visualisation techniques (Jnana and Raja Yoga).

Credit for this information and to find out more about Rishiculture Ashtanga Yoga go to