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April: Love to you all

By Lucy Clementson-Mills
Thursday, April 2, 2020

April: Love to you allAs I write this newsletter we are in the middle of a global pandemic, following the spread of coronavirus across many countries.

There is certainly a feeling of unease, confusion, concern and overwhelm and I know it has left a lot of people feeling anxious, fearful and worried.

By the time this newsletter reaches you things may have improved. Perhaps they haven’t. This is the reality of the world we live in and we are living every day at the moment waiting for more news, advice and guidance.

This can leave us feeling helpless and lost.

So I wanted to use this newsletter as an opportunity to hopefully provide a little help in these uncertain times. Yoga, relaxation, mindfulness can all help us in so many ways, so below are some free yoga videos which you can practice at home to hopefully help ease any anxiety and worry.

This relaxation playlist has three different relaxations you can practice at home – connecting your mind to your breath and encouraging you to take control of your thoughts by bringing your awareness to your breathe.

I recorded this video a few weeks ago so you could practice a full yoga class from the comfort of your own home. With quite a few of my students unable to make classes recently I wanted them to be able to still get a regular practice in at home.

I also just want to say a word of “thanks”. To everyone who has sent me and my husband words of kindness, encouragement, support and love as we had to make the hard decision to close aspects of our businesses down. Your words have meant so much and we are truly blessed and thankful to you all.

I have also been blown away by the acts of kindness coming out of such an awful global situation. We have been self-isolating as my youngest son has been unwell and I just can’t believe how wonderful people have been. Going out food shopping for us, dropping round chocolate and leaving it on our doorstep (I may have eaten most of that now!), going on mad hunts to find Calpol for my son as his temperature was so high. Thank you so much!

Out of the sadness and difficulties of this moment in time there are many beautiful acts of kindness like I’ve just mentioned and this is what I want to focus on. People going out of their way to help others. People being kinder, more compassionate, understanding and loving. Enjoying a simpler way of living and appreciating what we DO have, rather than focusing on what we DON’T have.

Below is some other news to keep you updated on what is (and isn’t) going on but I want to thank you all again and to wish you health, happiness and safety. Look after yourselves.

With loving kindness,




In other news:

Pregnancy classes: Unfortunately these classes are now on hold due to the latest government advice. But I am looking to start a weekly online class. If you’re interested in this or know someone who may be please email me and I’ll make sure I keep you updated on start dates.


Pregnancy Facebook Group – I have created a private Facebook group for any pregnant women to support them at this challenging time. I will be sharing free pregnancy yoga videos as well as tips and ideas and a safe place to chat – especially important in these 12 weeks of isolation. If you are pregnant and want to join the group just click here and feel free to let any of your pregnant friends/family know about this too – the more the merrier.


Online Yoga Course – I have been asked whether I’d be offering any yoga courses for people to join in with from home whilst we are house bound. So I am busy updating and amending the 10 week online course I created a few years ago which includes 10 one hour classes sent directly to you each week along with ongoing support throughout the duration of the course. This course really goes back to basics, working on our breathing and developing your yoga practice over the 10 weeks. So it is perfect for anyone new to yoga or anyone wanting to revisit their yoga practice. If you or someone you know is interested in finding out more please feel free to email me and I can share more information with you.


Yoga Three60 is THREE: I am so thrilled to share Yoga Three60 turned 3 in March!! Proper celebrations are going to take place once we are back together in class with cakes and more cakes and hugs and so much love! I can’t wait!! But thank you so much to everyone who has supported the business over the last three years. I cannot thank you enough and have loved every second of this journey so far.


Mum and baby yoga classes: Again these classes are unfortunately on hold but I’ll be looking to start them up as soon as we’re allowed to and may look into an online class over the coming weeks. Keep an eye on the Yoga Three60 Facebook page for updates on this.


Yoga Retreats: Unfortunately I have had to cancel the May yoga retreat. I am hoping the September retreat can still take place 18-20th September and I’ll share more information soon.

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