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December 2018: And Breathe

By Lucy Clementson-Mills
Saturday, December 1, 2018

Have you been super organised this year and got all of your Christmas shopping done, decorated the tree and written all of your cards already?

No? Me neither!

But you know what…. that’s ok!

This could, of course, be the sleep deprived mum in me talking! But it just seems we spend so much time stressing, worrying and panicking about Christmas that by the time it comes we are so exhausted (both mentally and physically) that it can be hard to just simply enjoy it.

We can find ourselves actually wishing it all to be over so we can get our house and lives back to ‘normal’ rather than making the most of this time out, appreciating our family and friends and relishing the time together.

So this month I am encouraging all of us to just breathe…..

To take a moment out from the craziness to help us get some perspective. So we face into December with a smile and an open attitude, knowing it will all be ok and will all work out in the end.

Just breathe……

Let’s take some of that pressure off ourselves by letting go of this idea of a perfect Christmas, a perfect end to the year, a perfect set of gifts, a perfect Christmas meal etc. Because no matter how hard we try, it won’t all go perfectly…. and that is ok.

Just breathe……

Let’s enjoy the craziness and chaos December brings. Trading our expectations for gratitude. Being grateful that we are here to celebrate another December. To have Christmas with our loved ones. To be as busy as we are and have people wanting to spend time with us.

And if all else fails, remember the yogic saying:


I am certainly going to adopt this attitude as I enter this crazy month whilst also getting ready for 2019! There is so much to be grateful for and excited about but when I start to feel overwhelmed, I focus on my breathing. Trusting it will all be ok.

And what a year 2019 is going to be!

I will be returning to my yoga classes throughout January and February after taking some time off with my newborn. I cannot wait to return to classes and see everyone again! Please keep an eye on the Yoga Three60 Facebook page for updates.

I will also be offering Yoga January again – a chance to practice yoga in your home every day by following my free short yoga videos. More information will be available in the Yoga Three60 Facebook Group, so join here if you’re not already part of the group.

I am also really excited to be launching the new Yoga Three60 website soon which will give updates on classes, retreats and workshops throughout 2019!

So remember, just breathe and allow yourself to enjoy this December.

Wishing you a wonderful month and I’ll see you in the New Year!

With lots of loving kindness,


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