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July: What Are You Prioritising?

By Lucy Clementson-Mills
Friday, July 5, 2019

Prioritise: “To treat or consider as of greater importance than other matters.”

When I looked at this definition it seems crazy what I can treat as of “greater importance” than other areas. How I can neglect the things which most require my attention.

A good example is prioritising work, the never ending emails, to-do lists, reminders etc etc and risk putting these things before my basic (and essential) needs for nutrition, rest and recharging.

I don’t always realise I am doing it.

But by doing this, I am treating work as more important than my own wellbeing.

If this sounds familiar and you find yourself doing this as well, chances are you have to work hard at addressing the balance too. To meet your basic needs of sleep, rest, healthy food, exercise and time laughing with friends and family over the never ending to-do lists.

It is something I’m still learning to be honest.

We all know the importance of rest, exercise, listening to our bodies. But it is so easy to ignore this “smaller stuff” when the pressure is on, when life becomes busy as we feel we need to pay attention to the “big stuff”. Sometimes it isn’t until something happens (like ill health, for example) which makes us wake up and really look at our priorities.

However it seems that if we take care of the “small stuff,” the big issues do eventually sort themselves out. Plus when we tend to our basic needs, what makes us smile, come alive, feel healthy then we are able to deal with the bigger things a lot more easily and effectively.

Life just “flows”.

This of course isn’t easy and requires a lot of personal discipline. Placing high value on our time and energy. Taking time to consider what things we want to do or accomplish and being realistic about what we can and cannot do.

To help with this, we first need to start by quietening the mind so we can make decisions from a relaxed, balanced state. Yoga, breathing exercises, meditation are all great ways to do this and the yoga video I shared to celebrate International Yoga Day last month can help with this. 

Or you can find some of the other shorter yoga videos on the Yoga Three60 You Tube Channel

In other news: 

  • International Yoga Day – What a great day this was! Starting the day with a beautiful sunrise practice and finishing the day with a yoga class I held and some delicious vegetarian food prepared by everyone who came along. Thank you to those who came and joined in the celebrations (and for the gorgeous food too!)
  • Ayurveda and summer time – The sister science to Yoga, Ayurveda is one of the world’s most sophisticated and powerful mind-body systems, designed to help us stay vibrant and healthy.

We are now coming into the summer months, known as “Pitta” season in Ayurveda.

Pitta relates to the fire element and the heat of this season can leave us feeling irritable, impatient and competitive. Suffering from skin rashes, heartburn, acne or digestive problems. To help cool the body and the mind down in the summer months there are some simple things we can do.

From looking at our diets and making sure we’re eating local, seasonal food to finding a yoga practice which is light and relaxing (rather than a powerful practice which can trigger competitiveness). Another good tip is to use coconut oil in the hair or when massaging the body for a wonderful cooling effect.

There is so much information out there on Ayurveda but an excellent resource I’d highly recommend is Elements Healing and Wellbeing and if you have any questions feel free to contact me too.

I hope you have a wonderful July and manage to reflect on your priorities to check they are in line with what you want to achieve in life.

With loving kindness, 


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