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June: Choose Love

By Lucy Clementson-Mills
Friday, June 7, 2019

When faced with a choice, with conflict, with a difficult person how often do we want to be right?  To get the final word in.  To “win” the argument.  To be the one to come away looking better?

We have all done it.  We choose being right over being happy.

But how about choosing a different option?  How about choosing a more kind and loving response?  Understanding that people will see things from their own viewpoints, just as we do.
So why don’t we accept that and rather than trying to be ‘right’ all of the time, how about we choose the option which leads to more happiness.  Knowing that what we focus on, we invite more of it in to our lives.

This can be hard when sometimes we genuinely don’t believe we have done anything ‘wrong’. 
It is even harder to show love to others when we cannot even show it to ourselves as well.

It is not always easy to show that compassion to ourselves.  But if we can start to, we will find it a lot easier to show it to other people too and will start to notice the positive changes that unfold in our lives by doing this.

Some good ways to start to show more compassion and love to yourself include:

  • Listen - never speak badly about yourself. 
  • Trust - if something feels wrong to you; don’t do it.
  • Set boundaries – you teach people how to treat you by deciding what you will and what you will not accept.
  • Being kind to yourself – we all make mistakes, we all fail at times.  We are human.  Forgive yourself.  Learn the lesson and move on.
  • Be open - to love and kindness from others.
  • Be grateful – to the challenges which help you to transform.
  • Acceptance -  some people will just not like you.  And that is ok.

If you feel you could be a little kinder to yourself, why not try a few of these throughout June.  You could choose a couple to try each week and see how you feel and how they impact your interactions with others too (and don’t just favour the ones you find easier to do!  More than likely the ones which challenge you more are the ones which you need and will bring about the most transformation).

I also shared a post about different types of self-care on the Yoga Three60 Facebook page.  For those who didn’t see this or are not on Facebook here is the picture, giving you some other ideas to try as well this month:

In other news...

  • New Tuesday Yoga Classes: 
    We are starting a new Tuesday evening yoga class this month.  All of the spaces have now been filled but if you are interested in coming along to an evening yoga class in the Penylan area of Cardiff please contact me and I can let you know when a space becomes available.
  • International Yoga Day – June sees the celebration of International Yoga Day.  
    On 21st June there will be worldwide celebrations to mark this day which is all about connecting people through yoga.  Sharing the natural benefits of yoga, promoting better mental and physical health and enhancing growth, development and spreading peace. I’ll be holding an evening celebration in Cardiff so feel free to get in touch to find out more and come along.  If you’re not based in Cardiff it is worth checking with any of your local yoga studios to see if they are doing anything to celebrate this wonderful day.
  • Interesting video – I shared a video on the Facebook page of a relaxation we do in class and thought I’d share this with you all.  This is Kaya Kriya - a whole body cleanse which can be done on its own or at the end of a yoga practice. 
    This wonderful video presented by Ananda Ashram ICYER guides you through Kaya Kriya step by step, so you can follow it at home perhaps on waking in the morning, before going to bed or at the end of home yoga practice.   A perfect relaxation to support you this month. 


I hope you have a great June and remember: choose love!

With loving kindness,


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