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May 2019: Keep It Simple

By Lucy Clementson-Mills
Friday, May 3, 2019

Ever noticed how much better it feels when we don’t overcomplicate things?  When we keep things SIMPLE.  Making things just that little bit easier so we are clearer, less chaotic, feel content and can be fully present. 

It feels it is getting harder and harder to be able to achieve this these days and even the simplest of tasks can become complicated. 

So maybe now is a good opportunity to start to take things into our own hands.  Noticing the things which cause us stress, exhaustion and overwhelm and where possible trying to reduce these or change our approach to them.  Knowing that when we keep things simple, it feels so much better.

Are you up for joining me?

To use our time and energy wisely.  Not aiming for perfection.  Not trying to get it all done. 
Just staying focused on what is important and understanding life is a process which should be enjoyable; not complicated.   To just keep it simple.

The Eisenhower Matrix is a great tool to help you separate out the urgent and important tasks from those which are non-urgent and not important.  To help you simplify things and focus on the right areas which bring joy, contentment and peace.

Yoga definitely helps me keep things simple.  Swamiji Gitananda Giri Guru Maharaj said, “Yoga is the science and art of right-use-ness of body, emotions and mind” and through yoga we can start to use the mind correctly to focus on what is important and what is essentially just noise.

If you want to practice some yoga to help you keep things simple don’t forget to check out the free yoga videos available on the Yoga Three60 You Tube Channel.

In other news…

  • Yoga Retreat: We only have one space left on our September yoga retreat!  More information about the retreat can be found here so to book this last place please contact me.

  • Yoga Three60 has an Instagram account:  We finally got an Instagram account!  Please come and say hi by following on @yogathree60

  • New Tuesday Classes:  Really excited to let you know there will be another Tuesday evening yoga class starting from 4th June in Penylan, Cardiff.  For more information please email me and I’d be delighted to tell you more.

  • Mum and Baby Yoga: Thrilled to have signed up for a course in mother and baby yoga this Autumn.  Meaning I can offer parent and baby yoga classes hopefully later this year!  Watch this space!

  • Interesting article: I shared a post from Dr Ananda on the Pancha Koshas – the 5 bodies of man.  This is well worth a read to understand the importance of looking at the whole person for optimal health and wellbeing whilst always appreciating the need for balance in life.  I hope you enjoy!  

I hope you have a wonderful month and manage to keep it simple this May.

With loving kindness,


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