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November 2018: Where To Begin With Overwhelm

By Lucy Clementson-Mills
Thursday, November 1, 2018

Wow, hello November!

Last month we looked at enjoying the moment – trying to see the good in every situation we find ourselves in. This can feel hard though as we approach the end of the year – planning for Christmas, meeting work deadlines etc. This can lead us to feel overwhelmed and not knowing where to begin.

Overwhelm can look and feel different for everyone and it can manifest in many different ways. From feeling anxious to being irritable or angry. You may become more worried or feel helpless.

We all have times of feeling overwhelmed, it is part of life. But the key is to try and focus on what you can do. To take a deep breath and then take action on the areas you can control rather than stressing about the things you cannot control.

This month sees national stress awareness day and Mind Charity gives some great tips to look after our wellbeing and help deal with pressure, overwhelm and reduce the impact stress has on our lives.

On 13th November we also celebrate World Kindness Day. This is as much about doing things for others as it is about being kinder to yourself too. My gift to you is this yoga video to practice at home, at work – wherever you want! But taking time out and being kind to yourself.

I have also found when we feel overwhelmed one thing which can suffer is our health and diet. With this in mind why not join us for Vegan November! A challenge to go vegan to celebrate World Vegan Month. Come on over on our Facebook Page and Facebook Group where we will be sharing vegan recipes, tips & ideas to help us all look after our diet, health and wellbeing this November #WorldVeganMonth.

I hope you have a great month. 

With loving kindness always,


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