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September: Ready To Move Forwards

By Lucy Clementson-Mills
Friday, September 4, 2020

Hi and happy September. I hope you’re doing well and feeling excited for this new month.


I always love this start to the autumn with September feeling like the month of new beginnings, opportunities and a chance to focus on what matters to see us through for the remainder of the year.  I think this is linked to that new term and back to school feeling. 


But sometimes it can be hard to move forwards or even think about new beginnings if we are stuck or choose to stay in the past.  Perhaps favouring familiar unhelpful habits, spending time with people who drain our energy or stuck in old thought patterns rather than embracing the new, the unknown, the future.


Here is a short video where I share my thoughts on this and how you can start to be in tune with this time of year, the change in seasons and this time for new beginnings and use it as an opportunity to move forwards and enjoy your life journey.


September News & Moving Forwards With Lucy


You can also find below a short yoga practice you can do to start your day off or before bed or when you need a 5 minute stretch and break at work.  To give you a bit of time out as you focus on you and get yourself ready for this time of change.


Then if you are looking for a longer yoga class and practice I also hold live weekly classes on a Tuesday evening.  It is £6 per class delivered via Zoom with a really friendly group so feel free to get in touch if you’d like to find out more.  And the beauty of these classes are you don’t need to be Cardiff based – you can join from anywhere!


So it leaves me to wish you a really happy September and I hope you are able to get curious and reflect on this month’s topic.  To start to work through anything holding you back so you can fully enjoy your unique and exciting life journey.   


With loving kindness,




5 Minute Yoga

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