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Slow Down And Breathe

By Lucy Clementson-Mills
Friday, November 6, 2020


I hope you are well and had a good October and have enjoyed this beautiful Autumnal weather.  The breath taking sun rises, the beautiful scenes of fallen golden leaves on the ground and the gorgeous sunny, chilly days so we can wrap up warm and go for long walks outside.

Despite lots going on around us, there is still so much to be grateful for and I do believe Autumn gives us that opportunity to just appreciate the simpler things in life.

As we transition into these colder months this is known as the Vata Season in Ayurveda (the sister science to Yoga).  I made a very short video just for you which you can watch here talking about this time of year and what steps we can take to keep ourselves healthy and well physically, mentally and emotionally. 

One of the things I’ve really noticed is making a big difference to me is spending more time on my breathing practices.  As someone who is high Vata, I tend to move from one thing to the next a lot and this can leave me depleted and tired. 

I attended a fantastic course in October – ‘Yoga For Anxiety and Trauma’ and we spent a lot of the weekend learning new Pranayama (breathing) practices.   As someone who is always on the go and “do, do do”, despite being a yoga teacher I still need that reminder to appreciate the benefit of simply slowing down, breathing deeply and being in tune with my mind, body and thoughts. 

I am looking forward to sharing these with you and bringing some of the breathing practices into my classes and private yoga sessions over the coming months (please see below “in other news” section for details of my classes)

As we draw towards the end of what has been a challenging year I think most of us can identify with feelings of overwhelm, stress, perhaps anxiety and thoughts of depression at times or found it hard to just get motivated.  Coming back to our breath and taking some time out to simply breathe can calm our nervous system, allow our mind to quieten and by doing so help calm our body too. 

You can do this anytime and it doesn’t have to be anything more than breathing in and breathing out.  Try breathing in for a slow count of 4 and breathing out for a slow count of 4 to begin with.  Then you may increase toa 5, or 6 count. But always keep the in and out breath the same length.  Count in your head as you breath to keep the mind focused on your breathing.  Just 5 minutes of this can really make such a difference to your overall health and wellbeing.

Also just 5 minutes of yoga a day can help keep you physically active, help bring balance to your emotions and provide mental clarity too.  Below is a playlist I have created with over 25 free videos you are more than welcome to watch. All of these yoga videos are 10 minutes or less, so perfect for when you need a bit of energy, a stretch or some time out.  Releasing any tension in the body and letting your mind have time to relax too.   

I hope you enjoy these videos and it just leaves me to wish you a really wonderful November. I hope this month leaves you feeling calm, nourished and relaxed.

With loving kindness,




In other news:

  • Updated Services -  what is the saying, a picture is worth a thousand words?
    So below is my updated services as they currently stand plus my current class schedule.  I am so exciting to be providing:
    • weekly mum and baby and pregnancy yoga classes face to face in Cardiff
    • weekly general classes online
    • private yoga classes both face to face in Cardiff and online
    • 10 week and 5 week online yoga courses

If you have any questions about any of these classes or courses please do not hesitate to contact me: and I’d love to tell you more!

    class details
    class details
    class details


  • Website Update -  after years of saying I’d one day get a booking system sorted on my website…. I am getting a booking system sorted on my website!  This will make paying for classes a lot more simple so all going to plan in the New Year this system will be ready to go!

  • Online Mum & Baby Yoga Classes – one amazing thing to come out of the last 7 months is to be able to provide yoga classes to people outside of Cardiff – whether in London, Australia or Abu Dhabi!  Once I brought the mum and baby yoga classes face to face, it meant some of the new mums were unfortunately unable to carry on attending.  However, word has spread and due to demand I am now starting a weekly online Mum & Baby Yoga Class too – yay!!  Details are currently being firmed up as I write this but I cannot wait to have another class of gorgeous mums and babies all having fun together whilst also getting time to relax, slow down and look after themselves through yoga.  It is so special.


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