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Below you can find the latest yoga video and some of my favourite yoga playlists.

You can find all of these free yoga videos and more on the Yoga Three60 You Tube Channel.

Remember, please be careful when practising these yoga videos. You do so at your own risk and must always seek medical approval before practicing the videos.

Latest Video

My Latest Video

Here is my latest video of our wonderful January yoga retreat in the beautiful Brecon Beacons!

We have two more retreats coming up in May and September this year!  If you want to find out more about our yoga retreats visit or email With loving kindness, Lucy

Video Playlists

My 10 Minute Yoga Playlist

Enjoy these short yoga practices to fit in around your life.

Maybe to start off your day or before going to bed.

They are perfect for fitting in around your busy schedule.

Yoga January

31 different yoga practices

No need to wait until January, you can try a different video each day any month of the year!

Yoga Relaxation

Short videos introducing relaxation practices.

Perfect to do at the end of a yoga class or maybe at the end of a busy day.

All Videos

Yoga January Day 20

Yoga January Day 18

Yoga January Day 17

Yoga January Day 16

Yoga January Day 15

Yoga January Day 14

Yoga January Day 13

Yoga January Day 11

Yoga January Day 10

Yoga January Day 9

Yoga January Day 7

Yoga January Day 6

Yoga January Day 5

Yoga January Day 3

Vedic Surya Namaskar

Dr Ananda on music therapy and yoga therapy